Friday, January 18, 2013

... and Beginnings

Remember that trip to Nelson I was going to say more about?

I went to Nelson to meet with John Boyce, the principal of Garin College.  He was a colleague and good friend of Christina West.  She told him about me, my teaching, and how much I liked New Zealand.  He showed me around Garin, we talked about teaching, education philosophy, and a little bit of philosophy in general.  A couple of weeks later Garin College offered me a full-time, permanent position.

It didn't take much thinking from any of us.  In early December Claire, Molly, Oliver and I received our  passports with a New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa sticker.  We are moving permanently to New Zealand. It seems it was always inevitable.  Does that make me KiwiHoosier now?

Come on down!

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