Saturday, January 19, 2013


Several kind people have asked me why I stopped the blog and have asked me to continue.  Thanks to all that have read and kept up with the adventures.  I have created a new blog which will allow me to open up some other topics and go down paths that were not appropriate to the focus of the Hoosier Kiwi blog.  If you are interested, please proceed to . . .

Friday, January 18, 2013

... and Beginnings

Remember that trip to Nelson I was going to say more about?

I went to Nelson to meet with John Boyce, the principal of Garin College.  He was a colleague and good friend of Christina West.  She told him about me, my teaching, and how much I liked New Zealand.  He showed me around Garin, we talked about teaching, education philosophy, and a little bit of philosophy in general.  A couple of weeks later Garin College offered me a full-time, permanent position.

It didn't take much thinking from any of us.  In early December Claire, Molly, Oliver and I received our  passports with a New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa sticker.  We are moving permanently to New Zealand. It seems it was always inevitable.  Does that make me KiwiHoosier now?

Come on down!